Monday, February 27, 2012

Blog 9 - Just a quickie

I haven't blogged for over a month. Time for a brief catch up then.

Mr Dotcom is out on bail and the hysteria over his wealth and lifestyle appears to have died down now the court process has started to get bogged down in the inevitable procedural sludge. You see? This is where real life differs from the edited and stylized imagery of fiction.

Meanwhile, the debate continues in NZ over the proposed purchase of vast tracts of arable dairy land by a Chinese-based company. If you've read 'Milkshake' then you'll know this real-life scenario in some way mirrors the plot. But as with the Mr Dotcom saga, life is very slow when it comes to mirroring art.

Last week 'Milkshake' finally went on sale in a real bookshop! Page & Blackmore in Nelson have taken half a dozen copies, so now locals can go in and peruse, poke and ponder before purchasing.

I may have to have a third and final attempt to get the local media to sit up and take notice by sending out yet another self penned press release.

 I was very happy to see a tenth review on, and a five star one at that! Apparently George Polley in Japan purchased a paperback version and gave me a very generous review.

Finally, the first draft of the sequel 'The Destiny Stone' is nearing completion after just over a year and 75,000 words. It should be ready for anyone who wishes to 'beta read' in the next few weeks.