Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog 11. How social is a social network?

This afternoon I finished the sequel to Milkshake . Unlike Milkshake which I struggled to title until re-reading the final draft, this sequel had a title virtually from the first page. 

The Destiny Stone is complete at just under 78,000 words.

No-one has read it yet.

I've decided I need a few Beta readers to check things like plot, if the various timelines integrate with each other as well as grammar and spellings etc.

So as a small experiment in the power of social networking, I've advertised for Beta  readers on Facebook, Twitter, and the website of my publisher, Night. One fellow Night author has already kindly agreed to read it through, on the basis of enjoying and being a staunch support of Milkshake.

It will be interesting to see where (if any) the offers come from, how many I get, and also what feedback I eventually get from them.

I'll keep you posted.

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