Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blog 14 Marketing strategy creates a FREE download!

Yes, I know the title looks like one of those spam emails, but in this case its absolutely true!

As part of a cunning marketing plan, Night Publishing has removed 75% of its titles from Smashwords and handed sole e-publishing rights to Amazon.

This means, for a limited time Milkshake is FREE!  (yes, you're meant to click on the link!)

The idea is everyone loves free stuff and, with the northern hemisphere summer fast approaching, and the time to sit around the southern hemisphere winter fires almost upon us, now is the idea time to take advantage of some free ebook entertainment.

As the free downloads encourage curious readers, the free version of Milkshake will slowly rise up the Amazon chart. At  a certain point it will then become a 'pay per view' only. Hopefully that point will be when its chart position and popularity become irresistible  and voracious readers will clamour to pay just 99c for their own copy.

That's the theory (I think!) anyway.

Now let the games begin...

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