Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blog 20 Sound on? vision on?

So it's been a while since my last blog post. In the meantime 'Milkshake' has sold steadily and a few Kindle Select free download promos have helped spread the word.

The trial with the cow's backside cover is coming to an end. I've agreed with the publisher we should go for an 'edgier' look to reflect the 'thriller' elements of the story a bit more. 

So in the near future, expect to see this on Amazon:

Meanwhile, in other news, a local radio personality who I made contact with via Facebook asked to read a copy of 'Milkshake'. After reading it, he invited me in for an interview, broadcast on local Nelson radio station The Breeze. He enjoyed the story and it's local Nelson flavour and was keen to help promote it in any way he could. He's promised a further interview when the sequel 'The Destiny Stone' is published, in the near future.

Here's the interview:

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