Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blog 6

The paper copy of 'Milkshake has arrived'!

A month to the day since it was published online.
The cover is a little fuzzy compared to the sharp online image on Amazon (both Tim and I suspected this and could not see how we could correct it)

I was keen to see how thick the book has turned out to be -  260 pages is an average -sized book.

I also think the paragraphs look too close together.

I also think i'm being an overly critical parent and accentuating the negative rather then the positive!

I'm pleased I've gone for a fairly vivid cover  -  often I've seen self-published (or rather self designed) covers attempt mean and moody and end up plain dull.

Also glad I went for cows not people -  people instill a false sense of a character's identity in the readers' mind in my opinion -  leave that to the readers' imagination (The publisher disagrees about faces).

On the last page Creative have added the actual print date -  20 Oct 2011 -  20 days to cross the Pacific. The pigeon must have struggled.

Overall, a pleasing but somewhat surreal experience.

Not only do I now own a first edition, its currently the only copy in the world

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