Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blog Seven - Inevitable Coincidences?

As I was writing Milkshake I often found life imitating art.

A version of something I made up would suddenly be mentioned in the NZ media, or at least to my ear, it would sound like a familiar scenario.

Now I find the situation reversed. With the book out for over 2 months, stories are appearing in the NZ press which eerily mirror some incidents in the book.

 Milkshake could be seen as a cautionary tale; its a 'what if?' or 'speculative fiction' story, showing the reader an alternative, slightly skewed but almost believable version of the present, or recent past. I'm therefore sensitive any events in 'real life' which appear to, in some way, be echoing the fiction in my story.

Three such events have already reared their head in recent weeks.

Am I just hyper sensitive to these news stories, given my feeling that I 'predicted' them over 5 years ago? or am I just warping innocent current affairs to fit my purpose?

I'll let you decide by checking out the links to three recent news stories via the milkshake Facebook page

Of course, you will have needed to have read the book to get the point!

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