Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blog 8 - Only one thing is stranger than fiction...

Before Christmas I blogged vaguely about how, since the publication of Milkshake, life seemed to be imitating art. I put the details on the Facebook page, but I'll also now detail them here as well .

Dec 4 -  NZ news website Stuff reports the NZ dairy herd is growing faster than the human population - predicted in Milkshake

Dec 5 -  The BBC reports on plans to harness desert sunlight and transmit the captured energy north, to Europe. Again, predicted as a throwaway line in Milkshake as The Felin Project in the initial draft written nearly 7 years ago and retained in the final version! 

Dec 6  -  Another 'Milkshake Moment' in the media as the NZ airforce finally take delivery of the NH90 helicopter they are secretly testing (in the book) in 2002. I wrote that in 2006.

Dec 17 - Things started to get just a little freaky as some political commentators in NZ started focusing on the Green Party and how their agenda may not be all it seems? Without giving away the plot, in Milkshake the Ecological Political Assembly (of) New Zealand are not quite the good guys everyone assumes them to be.

Things went quiet in the media while the world enjoyed a well-earned break. 


Like some modern-day Ian Fleming villain, an overweight, unfeasibly-named, over-smiling black-clad Teutonic overlord with a penchant for fast cars and faster women and a secretive empire globally dominant in it's chosen field, is arrested in a protected safe room in his $30million New Zealand.

New Zealand?? sleepy little nuclear-free, hobbit-loving clean and green Aotearoa?

How could such a person and his cohorts, this tallest and widest of tall poppies, have lived under our very noses undetected, untroubled by the media? Did  no-one ever see that Lady Penelope pink Cadillac cruising down the leafy lanes around Dotcom Manor? Are we really to believe that such a person is able to live and control his empire from a small island tucked away in the bottom corner of the world?

What do you think made New Zealand the ideal location for this mega-villain's lair?

Are we not all just a little shocked that such a character not only exists at all, but chose, it seems to base his operations here?

Kim Dotcom has made me smile. He clearly watched far too much TV as a child and thought he could actually be Dr No while living on Tracey Island, manipulating how and when the online community watches and listens to whatever it was they wished to download.

I bet the Police found an underground bunker, the wall lined with TV's and a counter showing how many $$$'s were being earned by the hour.

The point of all this is to show that, as far-fetched and fictional as Milkshake might appear to be, it's no where near as unbelievable as the unfolding story of the unlikely-named Kim Dotcom.

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